Thursday, September 6, 2007

Family Pictures

Craig came home from his mission in July so Mom decided that we needed some new family pictures. It was fun and hard at the same time. The kids were all hot and bothered, but Nanna worked all that out by bringing treat bags for them. She rocks. All in all it was good to have some updated pictures and spend lots of time together.
Here we are. All their other pic. are outdated so it was nice to take some new ones. Dont they look good!!!
When the kids were younger we called these 3 the 3 little boys. it doesnt apply now but these 3 are living at home with us. Chad, Glen, Brett, Nancy, and Craig.
The oldest of the clan is Scott's family. From the top Sydney, Scott, Hunter, Sarah, and Jaxson. They now live in Twin Falls Idaho. We get to see them more often now. It's been fun.
The Larsen's!! Kyan, J.B., Jett, Erin, and Braeden. They live in Mtn. Green Utah. Teh grandkids love living so close to Nanna and Pampa!!
Cute cute cute!! Alan and Michelle (chelley as we like to call her) and their babies Dodger, the darker dog and Daisy the red dog. They are living in Apple Valley Cal.
Here is Keri and Marcus!! Marcus is now 3 and keepng her very busy. They live in San Jacinto Cal.
Do you have any idea how hard it is to get all 7 kids to smile Impossible